Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AESOP has a tale of flight

AESOP has a tale of flight

A meeting with Aesop team at  FACES, LAB CONCEPT in Hong Kong was the best way to learn first-hand about this Australian environmentally conscious line of skin care. I learned a few key things that Aesop has kept alive since the bands conception. First and foremost is it simple, the focus has been on always bringing antioxidants to the forefront of their ingredients, and in turn giving their followers the true understanding of how precious antioxidants work. AESOP at FACES, LAB CONCEPT HONG KONGAesop works on the premise that there is no magical potion to rid the skin of wrinkles, encouraging their followers to adopt a more realistic approach to aging. Understanding the DNA of the cell and how it will be severely affected by free radicals, Aesop have put antioxidants at the forefront of their skincare ingredients.
QUILL a collection of Parsley Seed Extract products Antioxidants are so powerful that they will defend and protect the cell like no other, and the PARSELY SEED SERIES is a one of the favorite lines of Aesop’s followers. Each product is enriched with Vitamins and contains concentrated amounts of the high-quality antioxidant Parsley Seed Extract. When searching on the benefits of this antioxidant the world is full of praise for this seed.

Parsely Seed Extract can effectively keep the skin healthy and radiant as it is full of the essential nutrients and antioxidants needed by the individual skin cells and tissues to function at its optimum level.  With  the influx of hypersensitivity reactions and harmful side effects of using products with synthetic ingredients is a strong reason that AESOP as a skincare manufacturers  search for the best natural ingredients to supply the needs of a more discriminating  and environmentally concerned skincare user. 
Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is an herb indigenous to the Mediterranean region and it is often incorporated in anti-aging skin care products and cosmetics because of the potent protective and restorative powers that the extract exerts on the skin cells and tissues. Parsley Seed Extract combines forces to provide protection while effectively toning and promoting regular skin exfoliation.
Another important component of Parsley seed extract is its antimicrobial action which is very important in protecting the skin against the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms that often lead to skin breakouts and acne. With this versilte extrat it is no wonder that Aesop followers have seen and expereinces helatly beneifts to their skin.
Once a year in November Aesop launches its distinctive gift sets, and this year Aesop are bird fanciers, with a collection "An Aesop Aviary"  6 sets all named after birds with one bird that caught me eye, the QUILL a collection of Parsley Seed Extract products to give you that healthy looking skin, so for the holidays its good health from Aesop.
In Hong Kong you can find Aesop skin care at one of my favorite counters FACES, LAB CONCEPT 93 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong é‡'鐘é‡'鐘é"93號é‡'鐘廊 I love the space that this counter has been placed in, a good central walk way allows the eye to see over the entire  beauty and fashion area so that brand images some how do not clash over each other. The Aesop counter is a long expanse of wood adorned by their  trade mark bottles, if in Hong Kong its a quick step up from  the Admiralty MTR into FACES, LAB CONCEPT.

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