Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marni fragrance their dots are a work of art

Marni fragrance their dots are a work of art

A collaboration with the Italian fashion house Marni and the Estée Lauder company, are set to launch their first fragrance named Marni; to reflect the discreet confidence of a woman. Marni designer Consuelo Castiglioni described her fragrance as " The perfume  to reflect Marni’s fashion. Because it’s a perfume that’s quite individual, that doesn't evoke anything in particular. It’s for a woman who dresses for herself, who doesn't follow trends but is sophisticated and also maybe a little eccentric."

 The formula was proposed by the designer from a previous perfume formula created by Givaudan perfumer Daniela Andrier. The fragrance was unusual because the characteristics of most perfumes of floral and fruity notes  were avoided. This raw spicy woody formula is now enriched with dark and intense rose oil and incense. Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, the president of Aramis and Designer Fragrances section of Estée Lauder, describes the fragrance as "very modern and bold."

Not forgetting the individuality of the Marni brand is reflected in the design of the bottle as well,  a recreation of an old bottle that the designer found at flea market 20 years ago. "I wanted a bottle that was kind of traditional, that is, one that lasts over time, like the clothes we make, which last and you can still wear two or three years from now. It isn't seasonal. I think this bottle reflects our concept something  you want to keep. It also has the dots, which are part of our world, and a play on proportions with the cap. These elements are also important in our fashion “, said the Castiglioni.Marni fragrance is available in 30, 60 and 125 ml Eau de Parfum and a mini purse bottle that comes with a rag doll. The face of the advertising is Raquel Zimmermann and the photographer is Nick Knight. 

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