Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hyaluronic Acid so convenient in a Bijoux luxury spa hand towel

Hyaluronic Acid so convenient in a Bijoux luxury spa hand towel

At the COSMOPROF ASIA 2012 show in Hong Kong, I was handed a wet hand towel as I passed the Japan Pavilion,  in most cases you would not think much of this item just wipe your hands and discard. Well that has now changed, I did not want to  discard this towel and headed back to the Japan Pavilion to meet with the makers of BIJOUX a luxury spa wet paper towel made in Japan by the Fujinami Towel Service Co.,Ltd. 

The first impression that stops you in your tracks is the size of this towel 250mm x 270mm, you can use it for your face to add moisture and hydration, BIJOUX  is not one of those alcohol laded face wipes to remove makeup, its focus is to add  moisturize to your skin The towel which is ideal for a luxury spa experience is made of complex organic fulvic acid extract that provides the skin with a deep nourishing and moisturizing effect, it also contains 18g of hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, glycerin, and soy bean extract. Which adds to any luxury manicure, and even after a facial or body treatment, offering a BIJOUX hand towel to a spa client will bring the hands to a plumped and soft finish. The BIJOUX is made of 100% cotton, pre moistened, individually wrapped, single-use wet paper towel. This gem was 5 years in development, and was only launched into the market on 17th May 2012. It is so gentle for the spa clients skin being made of Cotton linter1 non-woven fabric. 
Pilling and falling fiber are practically nonexistent and this manufacturing standard reduces the damage on skin when you wipe your hands or face, BIJOUX is made from 100% natural cotton non-woven fabric which has premium cellulosic continuous fiber construction. The bonus is that  BIJOUX provides safe hand hygiene with VB-Virus Block function, this really unique product is made entirely in Japan, and is just a beautiful way to allow the beauty or spa client to immediately have a luxury treatment right in their hands.

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