Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dry by day and dry by night with TONY&GUY

Dry by day and dry by night with TONY&GUY

For a professional re-style TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo absorbs grease & natural oils for second-day freshness, its just as if you have your own TONI&GUY session stylist at home, or even the office. Formulated with TONI&GUY’s bespoke new fragrance incorporating sparkling touches of ginger, very British earl grey tea and effervescent pink pepper. This modern memorable fragrance is crafted around contrasts, pitching a zingy top note against a bold sensuous rose, and wrapping the whole in a glamorous blend of creamy vanilla, smooth woods and soft musk, carrying your look from day to night. 

Most hair aficionados know that washing your hair every single day is not best way to take care of the hair and scalp since rinsing away dirt and grime also results in rinsing away many natural beneficial oils that keep hair supple and healthy.  However most people are use to the "wash everyday" feeling so TONI&GUY worked on formula that took the standard dry shampoo to a new level, to a bespoke level.

A “dry shampoo” is an oil-absorbing powder that, when applied to hair, can absorb excess grease and dirt without necessitating getting the hair wet. The powered product is either sprinkled or sprayed  onto the scalp, left in for a minute or so until it can absorb some of the oil, the hair is then brushed to remove the excess, leaving a cleaner and fresher hair. Although they’ve existed since the ’70s, dry shampoos have gained popularity in recent years for being an easy, low-maintenance way to extend the time between washings.One great point with the TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo is that this product has no white residue, something the old brands from the 70's were well known for.

TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo is also a good choice for times when a shampoo simply isn’t practical. A quick brush of dry shampoo can refresh hair after a workout, saving time in the locker room. It can also replace shampooing in between blowouts, keeping that “just-styled” look a bit longer. Dry shampoo can also be a an excellent refresher after a long flight, between finishing work and an going out for the evening . TONI&GUYS Dry Shampoo adds fullness and texture to hair, it’s even great to use as a styling product, especially to help an updo stay in place.TONI&GUY Dry Shampoo  RRP $15.99

The new TONI&GUY Cleanse & Nourish, Prep, Classic, Casual, Creative, Glamour and Men collections available at Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Big W. Stockist number 1800 061 027 or

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