Friday, July 13, 2012

NARS color texture and fashion on a global palette

NARS color texture and fashion on a global palette

A global brand is exactly what NARS is in the world of cosmetics, a recent meeting with James Boehmer NARS Global Director of Artistry on his promotional trip at Australia at the key Myer stores, gave an insight to how this brand builds their following with key products to match global make up needs developing products across a number of skin tones, skin textures, environmental changes.  NARS speaks to so many cultures, with colors and skincare that work within fashion from New York, London, and Hong Kong to Sydney.James who is based out of New York is travelling the globe to speak to NARS makeup artists and NARS customers on the new NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, the outstanding qualities are simple but effective, there are three key points to this tinted moisturizer, first of all a skin treatment, a tint that offers a setting coverage to helps reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation and finally an SPF30 to work against the effect of the suns radiation. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer advanced sun protection with SPF 30, hydrates the skin with Kopara from French Polynesia with mineral rich seawater to revive and re-mineralize skin and according to François Nars "I love being at my home in French Polynesia, so I wanted to bring as much of the islands into this product as I could. The Galaxaura, for instance, is a mineral-rich, deep sea algae that grows in the warm tropical waters of the Polynesian islands’ tidal zones." Being the right hand to François Nars, James has worked  on a number of fashion  runway collections  with him personally he recalled one that he worked on,  which was  after a 10 year hiatus that François Nars  returned  to fashion runway in a larger than life way by leading the makeup direction for Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2009 show. It included working with 65 models, and creating 65 different makeup looks. Nars unexpected return to fashion week was attributed solely to Marc Jacobs.

 François Nars for Marc Jacobs - Fall 2009 Fashion Week -  Watch the video to hear how NARS brings texture, color and that true understanding of the client whether it’s Marc Jacobs or one of the many NARS customers who buy at their counters. NARS is part of MECCA COSMETICA in Australia and their Head of Artistry, Tony Baumann was with James as they promoted the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Melbourne and Sydney. Tony travels regularly to the US to collect all the upcoming trends that NARS will launch each year, and Tony could not stress enough how thrilled they were to have James in Australia being that it was so hard to secure a place in James global schedule.
There is a different vibe around a NARS event, it combines a world stage all the way through to Bourke Street In Melbourne and  George Street   in Sydney , you feel you are at the front row of NYFW with all the color, texture and fashion coming to you one product at a time.

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