Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sodashi skincare for your mind, body and spirit

Sodashi skincare for your mind, body and spirit

Sodashi blends therapeutic grade natural ingredients to formulate high performance skincare. After a long flight from New York to Melbourne my skin was in the true need of high performance. Traveling from a hot summer climate into a chilly winter, the Sodashi range puts your skin right back on track to transition into a new climate without losing any further water or minerals.
 Sodashi founder Megan Larson Once in Australia enter Gemma Skane Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator  who is based in Perth WA with Sodashi,  she recommended that I use Clay Cleanser with Lavender as my skin was dehydrated from the climate change morning and night,  followed by Calming Rose Face Mist to rejuvenate with a boost of moisture, finished with Calming Face & Neck Moisturizer .
Clay Cleanser with Lavender This combination uses two of the ranges in Sodashi REJUVENATE for dry and dehydrated  skin, this line contains anti-aging Lavender, Gotu Kola and Rosewood to promote healthy cell renewal while vitamin rich pant oils deeply nourish and protect the skin. Combing with products from the CALM line that ensures the skin will not be irritated, using ingredients such a Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lavender and Rose to keep the skin calm soft and supple.

Calming Rose Face Mist Sodashi founder Megan Larson created Sodashi products to be unparallel in performance and purity and she did not want to make any compromises in this skin care range. The name Sodashi originates from the Sanskrit word meaning Wholeness, Purity and Radiance, and the statement Sodashi has about its brand, ‘From seed to shelf, Sodashi remains true to its name.’

Calming Face & Neck Moisturizer .You’d be hard pressed to find a negative review on Sodashi products online, but you can find their products at some of the best locations around world that have to be on someone’s bucket list. So with that is mind most skincare users are concerned about cost and there are a lot of products out there costing just as much as Sodashi â€" and more.  What you can experience with Sodashi is that  the quality of these products is SO great, that just a little is needed with each application to be effective.  You may pay more initially but they go a long way, and if that sounds like a standard line, it totally true.One last point which I feel is worth a mention, Gemma Skane who is the perfect voice for Sodashi told me that every morning the team in Perth meditate as a group, a health initiative that Megan started for her team, how wonderful to have your mind, body and spirit valued as an employee…go Sodashi.

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