Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zoe Saldana’s Alexander McQueen ‘Heroine’ Bag

Zoe Saldana’s Alexander McQueen ‘Heroine’ Bag

A bag by the name of Heroine and, as shown by the pictures portraying Zoe Saldana carrying it on her arm, she was out in New York City carrying the large black leather version with gold hardware this elegant bag with a cut-out flap and expandable side zippers is a modern classic which embodies the Alexander McQueen ethos through its design and structure.
The bag is already very popular among Hollywood celebrities: one of the new designs launched by fashion house Alexander McQueen for the Autumn Winter 2012-13, the small and medium versions of the bag are already available in the label’s boutiques and from July new styles will be launched for the joy of all fashion addicts out there.

There is a great look to the leather, giving off a quality shine,  first impression is that is looks good, the design is unique, modern but it still retains an elegance. An accessory that is modern yet practical, you can see the flap on the outside and this can be put inside the bag just like a Birkin allowing you to keep the bag open for a while when you need to go into the bag a few times. If you want secure yours now, Saks has the small black and aubergine versions available to pre-order.

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