Saturday, December 1, 2012

60+ the new age at Hormeta skin care

60+ the new age at Hormeta skin care

Hormeta works on the premise that they follow the benefits of incorporating trace elements into their skincare. developing products of all skin types, I looked at the 60+ Nouvel Age Cream and Serum at Cosmoprof Asia 2012 in Hong Kong. 60+Nouvel Age was launch into the market 3 years ago, with the continued focus of ionized trace elements that promote the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Hormeta skincare understands that any deficiency results in dehydration and premature aging of the skin, this alters the skin suppleness and elasticity.  Oligotherapy  research has permitted Hormeta to develop and build their line of products, enriched with trace elements and are developed using an electro-physical process in an ionic form. The electric charges creates energy so that a biological reaction can take place.

The 60+ Nouvel Age with Gold as a serum is light in texture, not sticky and easily absorbs into the skin, immediate as you apply the product, the serum will leave a dry matte finish. This makes it easy of the 60+ Nouvel Age Regenerating Cream to be applied over the serum, with the purpose to restore volume to the skin.

Here the focus is on skin comfort by strengthening lipids that support the skin. Only now you can say that you are lucky to be 60+ with a treatment that functions in the physiological manner, as it did when the skin was younger.

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