Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ancient Chinese practice acupuncture alternative to the facelift

Ancient Chinese practice acupuncture alternative to the facelift

Acupuncture seems to be favored in  Hollywood although this is an ancient practice, celebrities like Cameron Diaz uses this treatment. The Chinese have said it since ancient times: acupuncture is good for the skin, it makes it more elastic and toned, stimulating the synthesis of collagen. It’s considered  an option instead of a face-lift, equal to fillers, botox and biostimulants. The effect is softer that when a filler substance is injected, and it has the advantage of being a complete treatment of general strengthening of the organism and not a superficial correction. This is  a medical therapy that tones the up the organs, helping their physiological activity get better. The whole body benefits from it, including the cellular activity of the skin itself, the connective tissue and the muscle fibers. The face and the skin thus appear more relaxed.

Every patient reacts in a different way, because it depends on one’s general health. The treatments are done following the rules of Chinese medicine, along the meridian channels in the precise points that match the organ one wants to stimulate.  Another valuable method is the bio face-lift, based on homeopathic collagen applied on the acupuncture knots on the face, neck and neckline. The technique is based on small injections of substances with free anti radicals and stimulate the cells' turn-over. It’s important to follow a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle, seen as the body and mind, according to the holistic vision of all Eastern medicines, are strictly tied to one another.

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