Sunday, December 16, 2012

ESPA signature facials only at GROOM Spa

ESPA signature facials only at GROOM Spa

Seeing the ESPA brand around the world, it was a welcome surprise to see the entire ESPA line at GROOM Spring Street Melbourne. Its takes insight, determination and an abundance of beauty business savvy to bring this high end brand into Australia, the key to all of this is Katherine Simpson, founder of Groom Spas here in Victoria. Simpson's  retail concept stores are starting to grab some top Retail Design Awards for 2012 in Melbourne (go and take a look) Katherine Simpson is making Australia wake up and change.

This is the first Signature ESPA facial I have had, and the first time I truly got up from the treatment bed feeling re-energized. This is different from just being relaxed, I could go back to work, my head felt clear, tones of energy very different from the feeling a facial can give where you just want to go home and continue to sleep.For any business women this is the way to get re charged, have your skin glowing and walk into Spring Street with a confident stride, and lucky enough there is a hair salon within GROOM so you can have wash and blow dry before that all important conference. 

There are a few areas of the protocol I felt were outstanding, first this may sound strange but at GROOM they do not try to destroy your hair in a facial with a blood stopping head band, ESPA believes that the head should be free and not constricted, the facial movements do not disturb the hair. The second cleanse uses Nourishing Cleansing Balm where a pea size amount of Refining Skin Polish is added, the skin polish has crushed sea shells in the exfoliation, to remove the product the therapist uses very soft mitts that cover her hands, throughout the removal you will not realize that her hands have never left your skin. Ask your ESPA therapist to show you this continuity movement, its very well thought through. 

Facial massage movements combine three techniques Swedish, pressure point and lymphatic drainage, all working to remove toxins and calm down the skin, my skin was so cool looking and it stayed that way for 24 hours. So now onto ESPA products, once on your skin they continue to work for 24 hours. that single point is an outstanding performance from a treatment line.

The best facial in Melbourne has to be at GROOM Spa, ESPA Personalized Facial 60 minutes $135.00 an unreal price in today’s high end performance treatments, you will not be disappointed. GROOM spa therapists are so happy and motivated in their jobs, the venue is going to incorporate a full event space with catering kitchen. Add all of that up and a view over Fitzroy Gardens, and Katherine Simpson an absolute Melbourne delight.

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