Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Longevity a skin regimen from [comfort zone]

Longevity a skin regimen from [comfort zone]

The most dangerous menace for health and beauty is inflammation, and the first preventive medicine is consciousness. This became very clear to Dr Davide Bollati, founder of [comfort zone] that a new advanced scientific holistic approach was necessary including both a spa and skin care offer as well as indications of correct nutrition, customized physical activity and the offer of dietary supplements to compensate what we cannot achieve otherwise.
Bollati went on to discuss stress management, an issue that still remains an obvious key aspect: it is still undervalued and need to be much more considered in people’s life style approach. At Cosmoprof Asia 2012 in Hong Kong I met with two exciting individuals from [comfort zone] Stefano Anzoia asia pacificexports and Carlotta Del Canale product and technical marketing manager. The research and technology in [comfort zone] SKIN REGIMEM really turns everything upside down, and after all, we need that shake up every now and again.

The SKIN REGIMEN focuses on four killers that are aging accelerators, 1) Inflammation related to lifestyle which can be stress, 2) Glycation a sugar attack from the food we eat, 3) Oxidation from free radicals, 4) Methylation from a sedentary lifestyle. Longevity science explores the factors accelerating aging and the health and beauty of the lifestyle solutions to be adopted.

With [comfort zone] technology they have scientifically proven with the SKIN REGIMEN products the efficacy of the Mitochondria energy is release by 50%. The traditional oil in water method for products is now oil in water that uses switch technology that changes to water in oil, this technology is in the Duo Cleanser and the Juvenate-Pro Rich Cream. The Juvenate-Pro Booster has a combination of retinol, maslinic acid and hyaluronic acid; all integrated to created a concentration for mature skins with wrinkle and dark spots. Hydra-Pro Booster a combination of Longevity Complex and Hyaluronic Acid for young skins that are dehydrated and showing the first signs of aging.

[comfort zone] conducted tests in vivo to measured the reduction of wrinkle depth up to 17%, the increase in elasticity up to 8%, and hydration up the 26%. To measure the longevity activity is where they made tests on the mitochondria, the source of cellular energy and life; wish showed increased energy levels up to 50% more than normal activity.

You can find the [comfort zone] SKIN REGIMIN line at Westin New York, Times Square 270 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

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