Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cleanlogic the first beauty brand to include braille

Cleanlogic the first beauty brand to include braille

There are plenty of bath and shower care items on the market, but the Cleanlogic Bath & Shower Care line caught my eye, and they will also be catching more than 25 million others Cleanlogic is the first beauty brand to include braille on their packaging. With vision loss now one of the fastest growing disabilities in the United States due to the rise of diabetes, by including braille on their packaging, Cleanlogic have created a simple and proactive way to help the 25 million blind and visually impaired individuals in the country today.
Most of us barely find the time to sing in the shower, let alone take the time to really relax, unwind and enjoy those precious few minutes alone before the hectic day ahead. With life so busy it’s rare we find a moment to ourselves, that’s why we need to make every second count â€" shower time included. Thankfully Cleanlogic has introduced their unisex range of bath and shower essentials, a convenient collection of everything you need for the perfect shower experience. 
From cleansing to exfoliating, moisturizing to finishing, Cleanlogic have got you covered every step of the way. Cleanse with a multi-tasking soap sponge, exfoliate with an antimicrobial loofah, gently buff away dead skin cells with a smoothing pumice stone, and finish with a relaxing, pre-cooled gel eye mask. Showering needn’t be the rushed, unsatisfying necessity it’s become, with Cleanlogic, your daily shower can become your daily luxury.

The Cleanlogic collection consists of five distinct categories:

Cleanlogic Soap Sponges: Combining the cleansing benefits of a bar of soap with the exfoliating ability of a sponge in one convenient product, the Soap Sponge is an industry first and a new shower essential. By combining the daily regimen of cleansing with the action of removing stubborn dead skin into one easy action, with this convenient new 2-in-1 product, Cleanlogic has re-written the rules of showering.

Cleanlogic Anti-Microbial Accessories: Because no-one likes the thought of their shower essentials being anything other than pristine and hygienic, with Cleanlogic Anti-Microbial Accessories, Silpure® technology is infused in each sponge fiber to prevent mold or bacteria growth while Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial technology provides an additional layer of protection to extend product life. 

Cleanlogic Bath Sponges and Accessories: Everything you could ever need for a thorough cleanse, including Exfoliating Bath and Shower Gloves, Sea Sponges, 2-in-1 Exfoliating and Cleansing Sponges and Exfoliating Mitts.

Cleanlogic Hard-to-Reach: Attend to those tricky, awkward spots with these specifically designed accessories including Bristle Bath Brush, 2-in-1 Convertible Mesh Bath Strap and Wooden Handle Mesh Bath Brush.

Cleanlogic Hand, Foot, Face and Relaxation: Really complete your bath or shower experience with these handy accessories, from 4-in-1 Foot Buffer and Brush for the perfect tootsies, to a relaxing gel eye mask which can be used hot or cold after a long stressful day, to a silky sleep mask so you can get some much deserved shut-eye.

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