Monday, August 13, 2012

Kat Burki body products that are all natural

Kat Burki body products that are all natural

Kat Burki has added four exotic new scents into the decadent Tete a Tete Collection of Organic Body Lotions, Body Gelees and All-Natural Soy wax Candles for her New York clients.  Sophisticated, natural and notably earthy, the Tete a Tete Collection is designed take users on a sensory journey to the far reaches of the world, from the sandy beaches of Tahiti to the Ivy lined streets of Ile de la Cité.
Kat Burki ShowroomThe four new scents include:  Ginger Milk & Juniper Berry â€" A decidedly clean fragrance blending of the milky ginger flower and herbaceous Juniper Berry.  Honeysuckle& Linden Blossom â€" Delicate and sophisticated, the natural and softly sweet honeysuckle mixes serenely with the mild linden blossom. Mandarin Black Tea â€" The crisp full-bodied citrus fragrance of Mandarin lingers among the sophisticated essence of Black Tea in this unexpected and wonderful combination.   White Orchid & Poppy â€" A true classic fragrance that blends the majestic aromatic Orchid with the soft floral scent of Poppy.  
Ginger Milk & Juniper BerryAll of the Tete Tete fragrance combinations are carefully developed to uplift inspire and unite one with nature, and these four new scents are the perfect additions to the existing scents of Almond & Fig, Lilac & Rosemary, Tahitian Vanilla & Orange Blossom, and Patchouli & Moss. All bases are made from organic and natural ingredients to spare your skin the harsh chemicals found in so many beauty products and to create the ultimate at-home pampering experience.
The Tete a Tete Collection Body Gelee is gentle, hydrating, and cleansing all-in-one body gel that will transport your senses through its essence and enchanting fragrances.  With a sulfate free sugar base, the gel can be used safely and effectively as a shower gel or bubble bath for the ultimate luxurious cleansing experience. Ingredients include Coconut, Olive Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Borage Oil, Orange Peel Tincture, Oregano Oil and Tea Tree Oil.  10 fl oz. $36.00

Mandarin Black Tea Follow with one of the Tete aTete Collection Body Lotion natural and organic coconut milk based moisturizing body lotion designed to hydrate your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Delicately fragranced, ingredients include Coconut Milk, Honey, Organic Green Tea and Citric Acid. 10 fl oz. $38.00At the end of stressful New York day  take a quiet moment with one of  Tete a Tete Collection Candles an all-natural, hand poured, 100% soy wax candles with eco-cotton wick, these luscious candles burn evenly creating an inviting ambience while delightfully filling the room with the unique and sophisticated fragrances Kat Burki is known for $48.00.

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