Friday, August 3, 2012

FALL HAIR TRENDS + HOW TOs from Nicholas Penna, Jr.

FALL HAIR TRENDS + HOW TOs from Nicholas Penna, Jr.

We always enjoy getting news from Nick Penna, owner & lead stylist of Salon Capri (recently voted Best of Boston) Nick knows that with the popularity of the pixie cut over the summer, he has had many clients requesting an elongated version of the look as their hair has grown out. This longer spin on the pixie is hot for fall in the US with its bold cut and texture. Think Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets fashionista Victoria Beckham to get a sense of this fierce but “posh” cut.   Additionally, Nick has given us the scoop on a coiled braided bun hairstyle that he loves for both a daytime and evening look. This slicked back style is the perfect transition into fall from the laid-back braids of summer.ELONGATED PIXIE1. Begin this look in the shower with a protein-spiked shampoo for extra strength and shine. Nick swears by Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Complete Nutrition Shampoo, which adds extra nutrients into your looks and leaves hair soft and shiny with a lightweight finish.

2. Before blowdrying, run a volumizer through your hair using your fingers. Nick likes Shu Uemura’s Fiber Life Protective Volumizer for natural shine, lasting support, and protection from heat and external agressors.

3. Use a round brush for the smoothest blow out. Nick’s tip: blow-dry small sections of hair, beginning at the back of your head. This section is always the dampest, so tackle it first and then move to the front.

4. This look is all about how you style the cut. As you grow out your pixie cut, ask your stylist to add extra texture, so you can play up your hair’s layers and angles with your blow-dry and brush.

5. To finalize this look, you’ll want to use a weightless spray to define and hold. Nick’s go to spray, Shu Uemura’s Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray, won’t disappoint!
COILED BRAIDED BUN1. Starting this polished, sexy look is simple: carefully brushing out all the knots in wet hair. Nick recommends that this hairstyle is easiest to start on smooth, untangled hair. When you’re in the shower, apply a dime-size drop of your favorite conditioner so that when you go to comb your wet hair, it doesn’t get caught in knots and break easily.

2. Apply a shape paste or gel to towel-dried hair. This product will help to keep the style in place and stop pieces from falling out as you begin to create the look. Nick’s go-to is Shu Uemura’s Shape Paste.

3. Use the a paddle brush to pull hair back into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic; you want to make sure that you don’t miss any loose pieces of hair.

4. Begin braiding the ponytail into a regular braid and secure with another elastic.

5. Coil the braided ponytail around the base of the ponytail to form the bun and secure with bobby-pins every ½ inch of hair. 6. To make sure that the look stays sleek-and-chic, Nick uses his favorite spray, L’Oreal Professionals Infinium 3 Strong Hold Working Spray, which keeps hair in place for a night out on the town!

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