Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dior's Limited-Edition Vintage Tailleur Bar Palette

Dior's Limited-Edition Vintage Tailleur Bar Palette

Dior recreates fashion and art history from René Gruau, a famous illustrator in the 1930's, who was most well-known for his long-standing friendship with Christian Dior and his iconic sketches for the storied fashion house. Gruau sketched some of Dior's most memorable creations, including his 1947 New Look collection which featured Dior's signature “bar suit.” For Dior's beauty offerings, the iconic bar suit silhouette has been hand-pressed onto an eyeshadow palette within a deluxe white pebbled couture coffret box. Almost too delicate to touch, as with all Dior's limited collections the palette will offer a Dusky Gray, Silvery purple, Light Pink, and Black eyeshadow shades are that are just fashioned to perfection in Rene Gruau's sketch of the iconic 1947 Bar suit.

Made in France, the Dior Tailleur Bar Palette is  available at SAKS Fifth Avenue for $75, so add a little chic to your complexion and your cosmetics

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