Monday, August 27, 2012

London Brush Company launches a Pure Goat Milk Brush Shampoo

London Brush Company launches a Pure Goat Milk Brush Shampoo

Sian Richard is my favorite Brit in the beauty business, she lives in LA and travels all over the world with her signature makeup brushes known globally as the London Brush Company and a strong memory of her father who worked in the makeup industry in London. This super Brit now launches a Solid Goat Milk Brush Shampoo for professional make up brushes in New York and  around  the world, her professional line is here in Australia at Scotty's Makeup and Beauty in Sydney,  but you'll have to beg borrow and steal to get your hands on LBC Solid Goat Milk Brush Shampoo.
According to Richards she always wondered why makeup artists used harsh chemicals to clean brushes. The brush cleaner used when Richards first started, was indeed glorified dry cleaning solution, carbon tetrachloride; not only incredibly pungent, but carcinogenic  really not a good fit to put on the porous hair that is a makeup brush then use the same brush on the face.  

For the London Brush Company the question was ‘If the industry used cleanser to remove facial makeup, or cleansing oil etc, then why there was not something similar for a brush?’ Richards wanted to develop something that was organic, handmade, goat milk based, contained essential oils, contained natural anti bacterial and would be made in America. It had to clean easily, to make as little mess as possible, take overseas without any hassle at the airport. Remembering her father's old shaving soap that used to come in a pot, and the badger hair shaving brush he used, he was once again to become her inspiration.

Then at a Farmers Market Richards’s eye fell onto a table of full of homemade hand soaps which then led to formulating samples and within a few weeks the product was nailed. The Brush Shampoo was launch at The Makeup Show New York, the makeup brushes smelt great no damaging chemicals and the outstanding surprise was that the brush hair was conditioned perfectly. No oily residue; no change in the integrity of the hair either in the Sable brushes or the Squirrel brushes. Finally the drying time for the brushes if you follow the instructions will dry in exactly the same as for regular chemical brush cleaner. 

This was just the beginning for the Pure Goat Milk Brush Shampoo from LBC which has totally sold out at all major Makeup Shows across the US; the demand from the retail market is such that LBC launched the Brush Shampoo on their retail/industry website. Sales show that the clients who spend good money on a professional brush set do not want to send them out to the local laundry, they prefer a professional Brush Shampoo.
Sian Richards said of her customers “My customers are dialed in to the concept of investing in quality - which is my tag line wherever I go. Invest in quality, invest in your artistry and invest in your passion. You will be able to order quality Pure Goat Milk Brush Shampoo in Australia at Scotty's Makeup and Beauty  233 Broadway Glebe, NSW, 2037 T 612 9518 900

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