Sunday, September 9, 2012

1SkinSolution a global solution for all skins types

1SkinSolution a global solution for all skins types

1SkinSolution is a bespoke skin care company owned by one of my favorite Australian entrepreneurs Raylene Barton.  1 Skin Solutions is a Sydney based company, that started with making beautiful tinted Lip Butters in the most exquisite  tints , Guava Lemonade, Strawberry Rose Champagne, Coconut Plum,  Almond Biscotti and Vanilla, all of the Lip Butters have Titanium  Dioxide except for Vanilla. The butters have this handmade look and feel; this should not be a surprise as one of 1SkinSolution key businesses  are their customized lip butters, that can be ordered on their web site.
There are five steps in creating your own customized lip butter, with every step being your own choice from the preferred applicator all the way through to the choice of flavor. This is a great way to add a personal gift to friends at parties or special events, the ingredients are clearly listed  so no mix ups for those with allergies.
Raylene actually started her venture a few years ago and due to other circumstances she had to put her project at that time on the back burner. When a friend reminded her that all her plans, ingredients and recipes were still sitting where she had left them, so Raylene resumed her business but the hiatus had given her a new direction, the direction to build on from the very successful Lip Butters through to a body line, and  now let her clients customized their own  Lip Butters.

There is message to all the Australian buyers of cosmetics in local department stores, it’s the Australian entrepreneurs that get a weak look into their market here in Australia but are so embraced by the overseas markets, such as the US, entrepreneurs who have just taken the world by storm once they got that overseas link, and no doubt Raylene Barton will join that list.
1SkinSolutions latest body line is one that when you breathe in the fragrances and just close your eyes you mind takes you to a spa where you will be relaxed and refreshed. The Bath and Shower Crystals can be used as an exfoliating body scrub in the shower, or as bath crystals as you relax in a well deserved hot tub. Soothe and invigorate your senses at the same time with essential oils of relaxing lavender and invigorating lime. Just step under the shower or into a warm bath infused with the Lime Thyme Body Wash to feel the stresses of the day waft away and your aches and pains begin to dissolve. Finally the Vanilla Bean Body cream is enriched with macadamia nut and almond oils to aid repair and hydration of the skin. The added benefit of Vitamin E helps soothe and replenish skin that has been affected by the elements.
If there is one thing we can do in this market and that is to support the entrepreneurial women in the cosmetics industry who work on bringing better skin and body care into our homes, at prices we can afford that is a1SkinSolution that is an Australian solution.

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