Friday, September 7, 2012

essie stylenomics fall 2012 nails that are reflective

essie stylenomics fall 2012 nails that are reflective

This is what Essie does best giving their followers pure color with a total creamy finish. These 6 single-hued shades range from whispering neutrals with a dash of urban freshness, deep wine-rich reds to provide a flash of intensity, to a brooding dark lacquer anchoring them all. The formulas ranged in viscosity from über-pigmentation that barely required more than a coat for full opacity, to slightly thinner flowing â€" although no less color saturated, with all leaving behind a mirror like gloss that is almost dazzling in its brilliance. 

 With names like (from left to right) Skirting The Issue, Don’t Sweater It, Head Mistress, Stylenomics, Recessionista and Miss Fancy Pants Essie’s Fall 2012 Collection is all about “Back To School” and nostalgia. 

‘Skirting the Issue’ is yet another luscious and buttery claret port-wine shade with definitive burgundy undertones in its base. The somewhat thin but easy-flowing formula provided excellent coverage by the second coat. An incredibly vibrant dark berry hue, it’s a sophisticated yet totally wearable vampy shade.
‘Don’t Sweater It’ is a decadent milk-chocolate hue with sly hints of both grey and mauve in its base. Ridiculously glossy and super creamy, the flow of this formula was absolutely stellar, seeming to literally glide across the nails without any pooling or dragging whatsoever. An absolutely gorgeous taupe, but with a definite modern bite 

‘Head Mistress’  is a paradox; an absolutely drop-dead stunning cherry red crème shade that applies with the consistency of a jelly. The thinner formula showed its blueish undertones with the first coat, revealing a more fuchsia-like hue, although the second coat not only provided perfect opacity and coverage, but deepened the color significantly as well.

‘Stylenomics’ the namesake color of this collection, is a beautiful enigma; at first glance it may appear like a blackened teal, however upon closer inspection, you begin to notice its other facets: glistening emerald, deepened viridian, and finally old-forest pine green. The formula was beyond superb, flowing with an unparalleled ease across the nails, self-levelling and brush-stroke free, with a reflective mirror-like finish.

‘Recessionista’ is a cross between a deep plum & maroon, bearing the look of plush burgundy-wine velvet. The formula was a little on the thin side, all resolved by the second coat to give a deeply saturated tone. Exceptionally high glassy shine which brought out its prune/raisin undertones, there are no brush strokes left behind at the finish and zero staining upon removal.

Miss Fancy Pants instantly drawn to this shade, described as a ‘chic greige’ it is one of those neutrals that isn’t boring. We love a good neutral for the Fall, especially one that sort of breaks away from the norm. This polish applied evenly with  no visible nail line. If you’re a big neutral fan you’ll love the slight variation from the others currently on the market.  The Fall line keeps it simple and classic with some great strong colours, introducing some shades that are bound to be season repeats.

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