Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eyelashes need love, tenderness and Talika

Eyelashes need love, tenderness and Talika

How long is it since you heard the question, “How do you bat your eyelashes?” well most women all dream of being able to seduce with a simple bat of their lashes, having infinitely long intensely colored and delicately curled eyelashes. Now here in New York, Talika the expert in eyelash care since 1948, has launch a product so that your eyelashes will be able to just gently swish up and down with the blink of an eye. 

Treatments that speed up eyelash growth have been flourishing over the past yeah, in New York they have become popular seller, first through Doctors offices then moving to the beauty counter along the Fifth Avenue stores.  But do they really work? Most of the time, brands only show the results of self-satisfaction tests.
Talika’s Lipocils has been a pioneer in the treatments for eyelashes; they were the forerunner in this new category of products, which is as we know now everywhere. Lipocils was developed 60 years ago, its handy design and efficacy is one reason it became a success. Over 4 million units have been sold since the year 2000, with the LIPOCILS formulation extending the eyelashes by up to 2.4mm in 1 month.

Now in New York Talikia is forging even further ahead by launching Lipocils Expert, the first complete care for eyelashes with 3 complementary actions: 1) Extend 2) Restore Color 3) Curl whether you are putting makeup on or taking makeup off, pollution, stress, an unbalanced diet, free radicals, UV there are so many daily impacts that weaken the lashes making them age more quickly. The skin of the eyelid becomes thinner and more rigid and nutrients have a tough time reaching the bulb in which the lash is rooted, this result in shorter, thinner, stiffer, duller eyelashes that fall out prematurely.
To extend the lashes, Lipocils Expert contains 12 plant extracts that have already been tried and tested in the original Lipocils product including nettle, hamamelis and apple. Also to protect and strengthen the epidermis around the lashes’ root to optimize their growth the formula is enriched with silk proteins, thanks to a brand new anti-ageing synergy of UV-phytofilters and Coleus Forskholii, the lash color is protected and the synthesis of natural lashes color is stimulated.  According to Talikia after 28 days of applying Lipocils Expert, your eyelashes could grow an extra 4.1mm* (+2.4mm on average, or +36%)

A new anti-ageing synergy of UV-phytofilters and Coleus Forskholii, can allow the lash color to be protected at the same time the synthesis of natural lash color is stimulated. This is a particularly worthwhile effect for people over 30, as lash color fades with age.  Can New Yorkers really say goodbye to their eyelash curlers? Well this formula is enriched with silk proteins, to give 50% more curl from the first month of use, so there is a chance.
Easy to use just apply to the root of makeup-free lashes before applying mascara, for one month in the morning and evening and then once a day all year round.  So if you feel that the old world of batting your eyelashes could be you in New York find Lipocils Expert at Nordstrom 630 Old Country Rd., Garden City, NY 11530and bat away.

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