Thursday, September 27, 2012

Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group in Sydney!

Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group in Sydney!

Can you believe it Michael DeVellis Executive Director The Powder Group is going to be here in Sydney on Monday October 22nd to present Marketing Your Career Now. Michael DeVellis the brains behind The Powder Group, one of the coolest places to learn how to do makeup in New York. Starting his career at MAC by working with artists, Michael quickly established himself as one of the most important behind the scene forces in the industry.

He realized that he needed to do his own thing and The Powder Group was born. The Powder Group founded by Michael  and developed with James Vincent, who we also have huge respect for in the Makeup Industry, this is a industry resource for a professional makeup artist. The Powder Group has created and presented hundreds of educational experiences in more than a dozen cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, New Orleans, Boston and Provincetown and now SYDNEY!

Events have touched thousands of artists, from every corner of the globe. They focus on mostly the professional makeup artist sector, but most of the events produced are open to consumers or anyone else who might be interested in participating. Michael just loves doing makeup, but now his time in today's world is dedicated to the upcoming generation of professional makeup artists who need a global network of career support. Running The Powder Group and developing The Makeup Show have been two huge successes in his life story.


Marketing Your Career Now:  In this business-driven event, The Powder Group's Michael DeVellis will work with you to understand how to make the strongest marketing impact possible on your potential clients and the industry at-large. This session will begin by developing a solid understanding of marketing and branding and move on to re-thinking how we communicate as a freelance business in today's crowded marketplace. With a new emphasis on social media, online resources and electronic marketing, this event helps you take incorporate both traditional promotional tools such as business cards, website and portfolio and strengthen your marketing plan to include the most up-to-date means by which you can make yourself stand out in the professional makeup artist industry.

This event is being presented at:
PM Studio  Shop 1F, Danks Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 Sydney, Australia Ph: (02) 9310 3535  on Monday, October 22nd.

Michael DeVellis' portrait above by Brandon Showers 

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