Friday, September 14, 2012

Dior Grand Bal 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection

Dior Grand Bal 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection

The Fall/Winter 2012 season for Dior is inspired by deep colors and shimmer. Designers at the cosmetics giant have just walked down the the avenue of luxury coming up with the most original luxurious packaging; you will want every part of this collections Just launching their stunning Grand Bal 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection, its just beautiful! The collection has been packed with deep pigments for an intense drama result or a sexy glam look. 
The collection is centered around the Grand Bal Make Up Palette for Glowing Eyes and Lips, which references those charming dance cards of Dior’s era. Alongside the two eyeshadows and two lip colours, there is also a little “pen” that not only closes the palette by acting as a wedge but also contains a buttery soft black kohl eye liner. 

Perfect for those who love to make an impact with their beauty and style, the Grand Bal makeup collection is definitely worth all of your attention from the eye shadow through to nail color, it features all the beauty essentials whether you want to achieve a natural, glam or drama look, roll on the holidays.

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