Sunday, September 30, 2012

CELLEBRATION® with Dr Spiller at Drench Mind & Body

CELLEBRATION® with Dr Spiller at Drench Mind & Body

This skin care collection has always be one of the most carefully crafted lines available here in Australia, last year they released Dr. Spiller CELLEBRATION® Collection an exclusive product line in celebration of 50 years of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic. The key component of these innovative products is the brand new CELLEBRATION® COMPOUND  this formula is a trilogy of natures ingredients featuring rich caviar, sparkling champagne and precious diamond powder combined with a combination of highly bioactive and deeply penetrating peptides.

For spas that have been using Dr Spiller products the introduction of Cellebration has offered another higher level to achieve optimum skincare results at Drench Mind & Body Spa, Rose Nanfro knows that it is not easy to develop new products and treatments which are not only innovative, but also have a truly visible and lasting effect. The Cellebration Collection is not only stunning in appearance, but at the same time very effective, well tolerated and with groundbreaking refinements in application and optics.Dr. Spiller skincare at Drench Mind & Bdy“The product line is enhanced with diamonds and perfectly complements individual skin conditions, and the creative formulation of the products was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients” commented Nanfro when speaking about  her client base that have come to appreciate this line. At Drench Mind & Body clients request this innovative and exclusive line as it is considered an alternative to Botox, the unique Cellebration treatments make the skin appear smooth and flawless while fine lines are reduced.
Rose Nanfro has been the owner of Drench Mind & Body for the past seven years, so asking her about the stand out ingredients in Cellebration that gave those instant results, it was the concentration of Hyaluronic Acid for maximum hydration and Argireline  that decrease the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines that occur around the forehead and eyes.Sculpture at Drench Mind & BodyAfter experiencing a Cellebration facial at the experienced hands of Rose Nanfro your skin looks so plumped with hydration, even fine lines have a taken on a far smoother appearance, it become clear that the ingredients are working in this facial. One point that is evident at Drench Mind & Body is that they work with the products in a tailored way; they will adjust the facial protocol to suit a client, as they understand one size does not fit all.
For regular facial goers this is an excellent way to improve your skin, as opposed to having the same routine each time at your spa or salon. The Dr Spiller Celebration facial at Drench Mind & Body in Melbourne is AUD$220.00  and worth every inclusion of Champagne, Diamonds and Caviar that went into this Cellebration.

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