Friday, October 12, 2012

A waterfall of relaxation invigorates the body relaxes the mind

A waterfall of relaxation invigorates the body relaxes the mind

Imagine lying under a waterfall in the forest with the cascading water touching your body like a gentle massage at Drench Mind & Body Spa their Salt Glow gives you the same experience in their Vichy Shower Treatment. The Wet Treatment Room is especially equipped with seven shower heads on a horizontal bar which is moved and adjusted over the client. You lie on a shallow cushioned table similar to those used for massages only this one is designed with drainage for water. All seven showers touch the body simultaneously from your neck to the toes. The water's flow and temperature can be adjusted to each person's comfort level and to target specific areas of the body.

Who would ever think a shower could be so good, to cleanse the body of the working week, and according to Rose Nanfro owner of Drench Mind & Body Spa many of her male clients arrive at the end of the week to get their skin clean and fresh for the weekend,  just the sensation of the water from the shower heads totally relaxes the mind.

Vichy Treatments improve circulation and hydrate the skin to eliminate stress. You get it all without having to do anything! Just lie on the table and the Spa Therapist does all the work, at Drench Mind & Body  the Aroma Body Glow is a treatment using the Dr Spiller line of products.  This is a deep invigorating & oxygenating skin dry exfoliation combining Marine salts & Dr Spiller’s exclusive Hydro Marine Complex removing impurities & dead skin cells.The warm water opens the pores after the skin has been exfoliated. Finally your body is massaged with Vitamin Skin Function Oil under a warm spray of water leaving your body soft & invigorated. 

The biggest benefit of a Vichy Shower however is the boost to the immune system it provides by helping a client's lymphatic circulation. The water emitted from the showers aid the body's circulation which improves the flow of blood to the heart and back to the lymph nodes. Essentially, it reduces the number of toxins in the body and strengthens it against infections. Poor lymphatic circulation also results in fatigue, depression, poor appetite and can contribute towards longer term conditions such as arthritis.


While a Vichy Shower is a fantastic treatment all on its own, many spas use it in addition to other treatments such as massages and wraps. The purpose of this shower can then be altered depending on the client's desires. It can be used to be soothing, purifying or invigorating. The Vichy Water Treatment is so invigorating that Rose Nanfro recommends it for people who want to wake up their body before they go out for a night of dining and dancing. Even better this would be perfect as a gift for that special person, the Vichy Shower technique was created in Vichy, France. The Vichy (Aroma Body Glow) at Drench Mind & Body is $95.00.

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