Saturday, October 27, 2012

Louis Vuitton exotic skin touches 2013

Louis Vuitton exotic skin touches 2013

Inspirational accessories that are ahead of their time always come through Louis Vuitton and their handbag collection is just so different for spring 2013. The defining prints of luxury, exotic skin touches can be found in the newest alternatives by the design house. Whether you are ready to make a bold statement with an obvious print or want to settle for the texture that will ultimately give you the opulent vibe you crave.

If playing with color is the choice for daytime, things things really change quite a bit as far as evening wear goes. 

These fabulous bold toned satchels, with the gold metallic detail is an addition that also reflects the current trends in addition to being a motif which also highlights the idea of luxury and style. The design is dedicated to day to day wear, but there are also some interesting options if you're looking for change in the evening.

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