Monday, October 1, 2012

THE ARK Melbourne you are the first the last and their everything

THE ARK Melbourne you are the first the last and their everything

So many businesses peddle the “customer service line” that after a while you become numb to this feeble offering of words, so when actual true customer service comes to literally hit you in the face you ask yourself "Where I was shopping all this time, why did I not know about THE ARK?" If we stand back and consider the poor customer service offered by the so called "retail leaders" in department  store world here in Australia, it is no wonder we are driven to buy on line just to give ourselves, a feeling of customer service.

Actually customer service never left Melbourne is was in Malvern at THE ARK, a clothing company where the clothe the style and consumer experiences are all Melbourne made.  There are no other words in the world of THE ARK except their customers are their first concern.
Milan JacketIf you have problems buying clothes because no one has the knowledge of how your body shape works with fashion, if you want to just feel great and feel you can be part of what is happening in the world of fashion, this is truly the place that is going to change your life.
Yasmin ShirtAt the life instyle show recently in Melbourne, I met with Lyn McPherson Business Development for THE ARK, with an offer to see how this business team co-exists in bringing life back to consumer experiences at THE ARK HQ in Burwood. It is here is where a team of like minded  professionals from every walk of life, come together to design and manufacture a made in Melbourne clothing line.  They design not only clothes but design workshops for their customers to teach them among other things, how to pack a travelling wardrobe into a carry on suit case; next workshop will get everyone in the Spring Racing Carnival mood.THE ARK MALVERNI could not get enough, so I booked a meeting with one of THE ARK stylists’ Cathy at their Malvern store;   this was my first wardrobe review with a stylist and a first time journey to find out a lot about myself. I cannot recommend highly enough going into one THE ARK stores and booking an appointment with a stylist, this would be one of the best fashion styling decisions you could make before the beginning of any season.
Nikel and Sole Accessories A stylist workshop in store is so reasonable;  (AUD$25.00) the only problem will be getting an appointment the but if you can’t wait, go on line to THE ARK  website and see the list of workshops  that you can also join in.  This is one of the very few retail business here in Australia who walk the walk and talk the talk in customer service, the fabrics are sourced in Melbourne the clothes made in Melbourne, all for  the wonderful women here in  Australia.

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