Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All GROWN up and still looking young

All GROWN up and still looking young

There is always something  appealing to the eye when skin care is packaged in glass and in here lies a story,  the bottle used by GROWN has a history but one that has stood the test of time The GROWN bottle design is a replica of a vintage bottle shape first designed by Beatson, Clark and Co in the late 1890's, using amber bottles to protect delicate botanical ingredients from being broken down by UV light, the pumps use a patented valve technology to ensure nothing contaminates the ingredients.  

Many packaging materials emit harmful chemicals into the product they are protecting however GROWN  have carefully chosen premium packaging materials that protect the product using  non-leeching, lined aluminum and hardened PET instead of conventional chemically toxic polypropylene plastics to ensure the products remain as healthy as the day they were created.This Melbourne born and made line not only sits on beauty shelves in Australia,  but also in the super hip iconic store JOYCE  BEAUTY in Hong Kong as well as the celebrity Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas at the SKINS 62 STORE .

Stepping into this line the first product for all skin types, even the most sensitive is Geranium Leaf, Bergamot and Rose Bud Facial Cleanser, this is a delicate blend of botanical extracts that gently removes impurities from sensitive facial skin allowing skin to breathe freely without drying or leaving a greasy feel.  This cleanser has BIO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS the list reads like a soft pillow Chamomile, Bergamot and Willow Bark to gently decongest the skin, reduce pore size and assist in preventing spot formation.  A big plus is this is a sulfate cleanser, once you go sulfate-free, you don’t look back.

On to immersing the skin with a powerful anti-ageing moisturizer for dry or mature skin, Grown Contour Sculpting Moisturizercan be used day and night.  This is a light versatile non greasy formula perfect for humid or extremely dry conditions a treatment that is full of ingredients to fight free radicals from Cranberry, Hyaluronic Acid and White tea. While the skin rests at night the formulation works on restoring youthful cellular structure, helping repair damaged facial skin, improve cohesion of the extracellular matrix of the epidermis, stimulating the production of Collagen whilst boosting Elastin production. Hyaluronic Acid provides maximum below the surface hydration restoring youthful skin features, the skin feels great in the morning this is a true multitasking product.

The eyes need to be moisturized night and day, the fine skin around the eyes need a formulation that can be absorbed and have the right ingredient that do not irritate but improve the condition of the skin.  Here the Grown Eye Cream formulation has Centalla a therapeutic plant that works well with ageing skin, there is vitamin E, plus it also has A, and D from wheat germ the essential fatty acid. As its light in weight the texture is perfect under eye makeup in the day it provides maximum below surface hydration, helping reduce the signs of aging while you rest at night.
Grown is a range that pays attention to detail; now that’s the attention you need on your skin.

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