Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Diamond White Skin at The Park Hyatt Sydney Spa

Diamond White Skin at The Park Hyatt Sydney Spa

Natura Bisse is well known for their top of the range skincare, they have always studied the skin and responded with treatments that will effect change in their client’s skin. The Diamond Luminous Cleansing Ritual is a way of understanding how to clean the skin of impurities and toxins to gain a beautiful skin. Facial cleansing within global skin care is an essential step in obtaining flawless skin, quite often the importance of purchasing a results driven cleansing ritual is over looked, while this step is so important to set the canvas for treatments to follow. Now more than ever more women in Australia are performing advanced cleansing rituals as the basis for the care of their skin, starting at the Park Hyatt Sydney Spa.

Through continual education for their clients Natura Bisse has long been aware of the importance of facial cleansing as the foundation for all skin treatments, and creating the Diamond Luminous Cleansing Ritual was a skin care protocol inspired by Asian facial cleansing methods, a meticulous deep skin cleansing based on several steps, the key products work as treatments this also includes the treatment toning lotion.
Rich Luxury Cleanse is an innovative facial cleansing system with Pomegranate extract that combines a micro-emulsion to eliminate impurities and remove every type of makeup; this is followed by the Clarity Toning Lotion which evens out the skin tone while preserving the skin’s protective barrier to prepare the skin for treatment. The Diamond White SPF 50 PA++ Oil Free Brilliant Protection follows the cleansing ritual in the day time, a treatment cream that soothes and effectively protects the skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays and preventing premature aging. Formulated with depigmenting agents such as Ellagic Acid, a component of Pomegranate extract, this protective treatment cream interferes with the formation of melanin, visibly correcting the spots on the skin.

The melanin-like pigments included in the formula eliminate any unwelcome opaque spots by mimicking the color of the skin regardless of skin tone. Arginine, which has an impressive capacity to retain water molecules, creates a hydrating film on the skin; this gives a soft, matte and radiant appearance. The protection cream is an oil and paraben-free formulation suitable for all skin types. Here is a perfect synergy between sun filters that provide an SPF 50 against the UVB radiation and a maximum protection against the UVA radiation.
Now that many Australians are fighting with old sun damage on their skin, this has proved to be a great asset in sun protection without being greasy or hard to wear foundation over, in fact it aids in making the complexion look flawless either with or without make-up. Natura Bisse is a perfect mix of luxury and technology the Natura Bisse Diamond Luminous Cleansing Ritual can be found at the Spa when visiting The Park Hyatt Sydney.

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