Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paint my face like an expert

Paint my face like an expert

The first rule: synthetic brushes have less porous bristles and are therefore more suitable to apply fluid products, whilst natural bristles are perfect for powders. If Chanel beauty experts say so, we have to trust them. Makeup is a true art, and the 'number one' beauty trick is to use high-quality tools. Brushes, large or small, must be the right ones. One of the most coveted Christmas gifts is, in fact, Les Minis de Chanel, a handy kit of brushes à porter, to carry around, when traveling, or through the day. Inside their black and gold deluxe mini-case, Chanel had a  limited edition set including six brushes, each one of them for a specific need or blending. Be careful not to confuse them: each one was conceived with a special purpose. How to choose the right one? Here are a few tips  For the base: The brush must be flat and made of synthetic fibers in order to facilitate the application of the product and avoid smudging. For the concealer: Always opt for a synthetic brush featuring compact bristles to accurately hide imperfections.

For powder : In this case the brush must be rounded and made of natural bristles to enable a firm application and a natural result. The ideal size? That of a closed fist seen from above. For eye-shadow: Our eyes require special care, which means using two different brushes: a rounded one used for blending and to create the typical halo effect of the smoky eye, and a cat's tongue-shaped brush for high-precision application. As a general rule it is better to chose brushes with a short handle, which are easier to use.

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