Monday, October 22, 2012

Get your body ready here comes the sun

Get your body ready here comes the sun

Finally we’re there: the beach, the sea, the sun. But how do you arrive under the sun umbrella looking perfect? Eating healthy and doing a few hours of sport every week should have been a habit for a few weeks now if your aim is to ace the swimsuit test. But drinking a detoxifying herbal infusion a few days before leaving for the beach will help to eliminate the water that builds up increasingly in the body with the heat. Go for massages to help to eliminate the bloatedness caused by water retention and the imperfections ofa rubber looking skin. You should combine all this with an anti-cellulite cream, like Body Creator from Shiseido.

Before sunbathing, you should pay particular attention to your skin first â€" it should be 100% ready when you get to the sea. There’s no excuse for not going for an exfoliating peeling session. Alma K created a scrub specifically for the body, with its active ingredients of white team and Dead sea minerals, it delicately removes impurities from the skin. For the face, there's the Aesop Purifyng Facial Exfoliant, it detoxifies and purrifies the pores, giving your complexion its glory back.

light hydrating creams on the face to moisturise the skin without weighing it down â€" as well as serums and hydrating fluids, perhaps based on hyaluronic acid, which acts on the water in the cellsEssential are protective creams, which should be chosen depending on your skin photo type and the place you’re going to. The lightest skin requires the greatest attention: a cream with a high protection factor, one to apply repeatedly throughout the day, is ideal to avoid burning and reddening of the skin. Designed specifically for sensitive skin is the Anthelios collection from La Roche-Posay . For your hair, Kérastase use oils extracted from maize, argan, camellia and pracaxi, making them perfect for treating fine, weakened or coloured hair, while Huile Lactee has been developed to allow you to enjoy the sun while protecting your hair from UV light and humidity â€" it provides nutrition and control.
La Prairie offers an excellent solution for coping with the really hot days of summer. The products from the Advanced Marine Biology line have a fresh, light texture. The exclusive formula uses the anti-ageing properties of algae combined with an intense hydration to provide relief from the heat and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you an appearance that’s immediately brighter and healthier.

A tan enhancer provides the final touch â€" Sublime Or from Roger & Gallet. It’s light and perfumed, and thanks to its golden micro-sequins it will brighten your body, creating a sunny, captiving effect.

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