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Johnson's babies know how to catch the zzzzz's

Johnson's babies know how to catch the zzzzz's

Whether you are a mum, mum to be or you know of a mum who needs some ideas on helping their babies off to sleep, the Johnnson baby sleep web site has a beautiful routine to watch including a baby massage, don't miss it. Johnson Baby as we know are leaders in baby skin care and have protecting babies skin since I can remember. So along with the beautiful Johnson's baby bedtime range, the web site and some baby sleep tips from Dr Bartle  a New Zealand based independent sleep doctor who we recently worked with here in Australia here are his tips and tricks for a beautiful sleep.

THE IDEAL BETIME ROUTINE· I usually start with not having tea too late. Say 5.00 â€" 5.30pm or earlier depending on the daytime nap schedule. A fussy baby at tea time often will reflect that they are tired. Don’t wait for Dad to get home!

Quiet play, preferably no TV. Then bath massage, and quiet time, .A feed now is good, either bottle or preferably breast. Then into cot, awake, but drowsy. Put your child down in their bed when tired, but make sure you put them down awake. However this should be before 9.00 pm Read a story (the same quiet story every night -repetition is good!), or sing, or prayer etc.Leave the bedroom when baby is drowsy and about to sleep, but before sleep if you can, so that the baby falls asleep without your presence. Look for tired cues such as rubbing eyes, jerky movements and yawningAvoid parental presence when baby goes to sleep Be in tune with your child rather than worrying what others are doingAvoid rocking or feeding your baby to sleepA constant background (white) noise will help sleep onset. Avoid complete silence.Maintain naps for as long as possible. The better they sleep in the day, the better they will sleep at night· Nothing very spectacular here, but it has to be boring that’s the key!! No fancy tricks, no gimmicks, just simple routine. 

FOR MUM: · Take advantage of the maternity leave. Don’t assume that you will be ready for work in a few days after the birth!

Routine for your baby is most important. Routines can be established by 2 months, but don’t expect baby to comply immediately. I would not start to be too directive until after 6 months, but individuals, both Mums and babies, are all different, even within the same family. Take every opportunity to nap! The cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, washing up can wait (it won’t go away!), sleep for you (and your baby), should be your priority.Try to take some time out for yourself. In order to survive, you need to be able to trust others close to us with your baby. Once or twice per week you need to set time aside for yourself. Sleep deprivation can affect the whole family 

JOHNSON’S® baby bedtime
Dreamland awaits for your baby when you use JOHNSON’S® baby Bedtime range of products as part of a nightly routine. Researchers at JOHNSON & JOHNSON ® partnered with leading pediatric sleep expert Dr Jodi A Mindell PhD, to design a 3-step routine that has been proven to help baby sleep better in just one week.

JOHNSON’S ® baby BEDTIME BATH® and BEDTIME LOTION® have been formulated with NATURALCALMâ„¢ essences, a unique blend of gentle ingredients and soothing aromas that help soothe and relax baby before bedtime so the whole family can get a good night’s sleep. When used as part of a nightly routine consisting of 1. a warm bath, 2. gentle massage and 3. quite activities before sleep, JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME BATH® and BEDTIME LOTION® have been proven to help baby fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better:- Babies fall asleep 37% faster- 38% fewer night awakenings - 49% decrease in the total amount of time awake during the night - 55% Reduction - Tension / anxiety in mums Try it for 7 nights and see what a difference it could make to you and your baby

JOHNSON’S ® baby Bedtime Bath:
This gentle wash releases soothing aromas when added to a warm bath, helping baby to sleep easier at night. Also features’ JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® Formula so Bedtime Bath is as gentle to babies delicate eyes as pure water. Clinically proven pure, mild and gentle and allergy-tested for baby’s delicate skin. RRP: $5.49 200ml, RRP: $8.99 500ml
JOHNSON’S® baby Bedtime Lotion:
A soft, soothing moisturiser for baby’s nightly routine. Ideal to use as an after-bath moisturiser or for massage as part of a nightly routine. Clinically proven pure, mild and gentle and allergy-tested for baby’s delicate skin. RRP: $5.49 200ml

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